Castor and Pollux


At times I feel life and the business of daily living is over the top. Bad things seem to come in three’s …

but they seem to be the same happenings day in and day out. I was pondering the items I am dealing
with at this time and thought I would try writing them out to see if a shift might occur. It has been said,
except your circumstances and a shift will occur – I have my doubts.

I reside in a small apartment, three bedroom, one bath. The tiny corner apartment is falling down
around me. The submersible pump decided to throw a curve ball and stop working which in turn causes
the basement to flood. The manager came to access the damages, stuck a stick down inside the hole,
got the pump
working again and said let me know if it stops. I really don’t appreciate having to provide child care to
a submersible pump. Of course it took that batch of dirty, moldy water out just to allow another batch to flood
once again by morning. The manager had said two years ago when I complained of the constant
grinding noise of the pump, “Oh, it has at least one more year of life.”

In one bedroom it rains constantly which does not allow for any furniture to be placed in that area
or for one to hang curtains – the rain has destroyed three sets of blinds.

The tile in the bathroom is cracking and shifts on the floor which I keep covered with a rug. The
bathroom had major leaks which were fixed which left the trim water marked and I repainted it.

The seal on the refrigerator is gone, both freezer and the regular portion. I painted the refrigerator as when
I moved in it was completely rusted down the front door.

One of the outside doors is so broke it cannot be used and needs to be kicked opened. The draft in the
winter is unbearable. The windows will not stay shut unless locked at all times.

Two winters ago during a snow storm the snow was so packed upon the roof the walls dripped inside
the apartment – it was awful. The landlord told the manager to shovel the roofs and apply salt. Some
of the buildings had the roof cave in, I did not. The roofs are soggy and only one was repaired after
a tenant reported the landlord to the town. The town supervisor does not come back to check if the
job is completed.

So many of the repairs I have taken upon myself, painting and repainting. It takes about three weeks
to get a jar of paint from the manager – I have since given up asking.

There has been two major floods where the basement floods about four-foot deep and has to be
pumped out by the fire department. The town and the landlord have a constant battle with each
other like three-year olds – one blames the other and nothing is accomplished.

The bushes are never trimmed and in the winter not one sidewalk is shoveled. Because of the bushes
not being trimmed one has to walk in the deep snow – with groceries and anything else. There is no
lighting so it is dangerous to
walk out at night. One can only see with a full moon.

I had to buy my own smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors,  and the fire ext. is out dated. The manager
said the landlord told her to recycle these items!

The late charge is $35.00 per month and the only way to pay rent is by mail. The office does not pick
up mail so you don’t know whether you will be late or not. The date on the money order is not
considered. If you call to hand carry the rent to the office the secretary says she won’t be there.

The landlord says he does not care about the apartments and his son-in-law says it is his “pocket change”
and will only make minimal repairs according to the manager.

One might say, why not move? The rents are anywhere from $900.00 a month to $1,300.00 with two
or three deposits of the monthly rent. If one considers low-income it takes one to three years to come

I have not heard one politician mention the steady climbing rents or address the likes of
slum providing landlords. We all would like a decent place to live, not fancy just clean and kept up.

I feel I am in a hopeless situation. If I knew who or where to complain or get in touch with I would.

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