Castor and Pollux

Colored Pencil Painting

Since the summer of last year I have been taking online art classes. Just recently I tried color pencils and quickly have become addicted to this medium. I have fallen in love with everything the paintings are,

the pencil lines left behind, the process of drawing, the array of colors achieved and the smell of colored pencils. The pencils themselves have a clean smell of rich wood and the forest after an early morning rain.

I consider myself a late bloomer, finding painting and sketching later in life. It is a marvelous place to be at any age. I said what most others I assume say, “I can’t draw, although I want to”. I tried and with each drawing I see a tiny bit of improvement. Each day I look forward to the quietness of evening to take out art supplies and begin.

I began on the wrong paper but at that moment it was what I had and continued from there. One doesn’t always have all the art supplies at that time and I don’t have the patience to wait until I can purchase them. Many times I use what I have at hand. I since have purchased some proper paper and a few more colored pencils – it was recommended to use ¬†Prismacolor Premiere.

This class is entitled “La Visage” by, the talented artist, Suzi Blu.


Notes: I am learning shading presently and trying to improve the features of the face, This paper has entirely too much grain – there is nothing wrong with the paper it is the wrong type for the medium I am using.


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