Castor and Pollux

Reminders of Spring

Each week while doing the chore of buying groceries I look forward to buying fresh flowers.

The flowers are located to the left as one enters the store. I always start here with browsing. The varieties are amazing – roses from South America in brilliant yellow with scarlet bottoms or faded pink with peach trim along the top edges. The seasonal flowers are among the loveliest.
Peonies, daffodils and tulips – pick a color and it is there during the Spring months. Late Summer brings in sun flowers always standing proudly to one side. Mums begin to appear in the fall in all their glorious colors and Winter starts with delicate bouquets from Holland – all forced bulbs in pastel green or pink are among my favorites.

House plants are grouped together from delicate violets
to tall , rubber tree and palm plants lingering on the floor closing the circle. Glass jars
and decorative pots line the back counter with brown wrapping paper and tiny cards for those who like to present a message along with their flower purchases.

I leave this delightful place to choose cheeses and breads – the voyage is up one aisle and down the opposite side. I linger at the tiny cakes – my favorites are the pumpkin rolls and vanilla iced. I try to hurry by. Most of the time I manage to curb the temptation. I find myself back to the garden store (as it is called) and choose a bouquet. My choices become limited as I pick out the flowers on sale examining each bunch. I place them in the wire flower holder attached to the cart.
I find myself going towards the kitchen area. I park the cart and place the sign, “shopping in the household department”,
(the store provides these signs in fancy fonts). I roam through here viewing the matching dishes, tea towels, and glassware. There are also copper bottom pots and pans galore with utensils tucked here and there.I finally return to my cart and continue
on my journey. After two complete hours the flowers and I am going home.

Getting back to the flowers – they have a ride home laying carefully atop the groceries. The flowers finally find there
way into the house and are placed with cool water and a potion into a chocolate pot that belonged to my great-grandmother.
The mundane has turned into a memorable experience and the flowers remain until the next week.

(written: September 19th, 2015)

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