Castor and Pollux

A Deeper Meaning

The first part of ones life is engaged for the most part in building a career and earning money, family and having children, a social world, etc..

The second part of life seems to turn into a quest for a deeper meaning. I have found myself asking many questions especially in those sleepless nights and longing for what might have been. This is where the myth of Castor and Pollux can become helpful to bring together the missing parts which can lead to wholeness. I have found expression through art and writing can answer many questions as one compliments the other. Here, I share as a practice, artistry, penning and the occasional ornamentation.

thoughts from: ~Living Your Unlived Life~ by, Robert A. Johnson and Jerry M. Ruhl, Ph.D.

Distance in a straight line has no mystery. The mystery is in the sphere. ~Thomas

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